Gas...or how I stopped worrying and learned to love the drum-machine...

Gas 7 inch record Gas - Compressed Gas was released on Siltbreeze Records in August 2009 and sold all copies. A second release is imminent entitled Expulsion.


Siltbreeze Records

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GAS (New Zealand)

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Gas - Compressed Gas 7"

Gas - Expulsion cover

Gas existed from 1995 to 2002 in Christchurch, New Zealand and consisted of:
Ian Blenkinsop, Mick El Borrado, Gene Pool Belmondo.
All of us at various times do vocals, guitars, bass, keyboards & percussion.
Guy Scollay occasionally did vocals or played guitar or bass.
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  • Gas appearance on Julian Cope tribute CD
This version of "Books" was recorded in Gene Pool's lounge and from memory the vocals were done acoustically direct into one channel of the cassette recorder with the other microphone picking up the other instruments. The line-up for this recording was Ian (vocals, electric guitar, accidental acoustic guitar ambience), Gene Pool (keyboard and backing vocals), with a percussion sample lifted from the Echo & the Bunnymen version of "Books" played from another cassette recorder through a guitar amp. We have merged the lyrics from the Teardrop & Bunnymen versions of "Books".

Gas appear on Julian Cope tribute CD

The Gas Real Audio Cover Versions Page

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